Warm Weather for a Great Hike

The weather is just right for a great hike in Palm Springs in the Winter and Spring in the desert. Walking is great way to get out of the house in an open space. Walking and hiking has so many benefits for your health. The following hiking locations have different levels of difficulty and you may want to look into the details before you embark on your hike.

Greater Palm Springs offers more than 100 trails to choose from. Step by step using your own two feet, hiking allows you to mix fitness with up-close discoveries of the most beautiful areas of the oasis. Find 10 scenic hikes to experience below.

Image by Gregg Felsen
  1. Andreas Canyon Trail
  2. Araby Trail
  3. Big Morongo Canyon Preserve
  4. Joshua Tree National Park
  5. Lake Cahuilla Recreational Area
  6. Murray Canyon Trail
  7. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Hiking
  8. Palm Springs Museum Trail
  9. Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve
  10. Whitewater Canyon Preserve

The Scenery in Palm Springs and surrounding communities are beautiful and peaceful. The high desert has some great hikes also keeping in mind that it may be cooler up there so bring something warm to wear.

Enjoy and stay safe!

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