Clark’s Wellness Project is Here!

The Wellness Project Is Here!

Over the last several months of health concerns, people struggling with depression, losing jobs, etc. It is a challenging time to stay mentally, physically and emotionally well. Clark’s has decided to once again take the lead in our community. We have decided to launch, with your help, the Wellness Project! (Click Here to Download the Wellness Project Flyer)

What is the Wellness Project?

The Wellness Project is an emphasis to help people focus on mental, physical and emotional health for themselves and those around them.

We want to give a voice to all the positive opportunities for wellness that people are practicing or looking for. We thought, since this is so much bigger than Clarks, we must make this a call to our community to take the Wellness Project to the masses!

How you can Participate!

It is our hope that you, and your business, will post list of activities shown below or (Click Here to Download a Copy of the Marketing Schedule) for the various activities, programs and personal journeys that are currently promoting wellness in your world! We want to flood social media, billboards, emails, etc. with the Wellness Project! You can also use all your assets to promote the Wellness Project. Email lists, blogs, etc.

Anyone can help by posting the images in this blog post to their social media, email signatures and promotions!

There is no cost to participate. However you can purchase your Wellness Project T-shirts here to show your support.

See schedule below or (Click here to Download the Marketing Schedule), but ultimately we want you posting what you are doing to promote wellness and then use the various assets provided in this email to promote what you or your business is doing to encourage wellness.

Share what you do to promote wellness

You may be giving free yoga classes on zoom, shopping for a neighbor, sending your staff to counseling for free. Whatever you are doing, share with others through your posts, emails, blogs, and community forums.

Post A Wellness Wall

We will also have a social media “Wellness Wall” where people can share their contributions to help others, their struggles and their wellness journey with others!

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